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Outside London when you are to find a big British city, then it can just be Birmingham. With a population of more than 1 million residents, the metropolitan city of Birmingham is located in the west midlands of England precisely. 268 Square kilometers areas of the landmass comprise a decent amount of the populace, with rich resources of natural vegetation, amazing flora and rare fauna. You can tour the wonderful surroundings of Birmingham for days together. Time flies out just like that. So many interesting places are here to watch and wonder.

With that said, you may ask if there are some interesting pubs, exotic nightlife, comfortable hotels and lavish resorts. Yes, you have danced halls, strip clubs, bars, casinos, and some exciting luxury villas, guests filled in resorts with all-inclusive packages on a first come -first served basis, adventure tours, and many more. You can be kept so busy all throughout your time spent on touring Birmingham.

Interestingly, climatic conditions here are so favorable for you to not to bother about day or night as it is quite cold all throughout the year. West midlands have an average humidity of more than 99% most of the time throughout the year. It means you must know what type of dresses will suit you to live in these bitter cold conditions with such humidity range to suit to the conditions accordingly.

You may not be able to sustain the cold without the right accessories by your side. So, come prepared for a tour to Birmingham with all the needful accessories, attire, makeover, and so on. In fact, touring to some of the exotic destinations here like Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery is necessary for all. You must not miss to see the museum as you have so many wonderful findings here, to note. Interestingly, this is one of the museums that are being searched quite a lot on the internet, more than many other popular museums of the world in the USA.

Similarly, you have the National Sea Life Centre. Aqua world and the millions of species underneath the water surface can certainly astound the completely human species since we occupy only a small portion of the landmass alone. Compared to us, they have the lion’s share to have seen so many wonders that may still be new to the entire human species. If you do not believe in what we say here, then you must visit the National Sea Life Centre. Literally speaking your whole opinion about life will change once you have visited this place and seen some strange species of the planet earth.

Museum of the Jeweler Quarter is included in the schedule of the tourists without fail. Tour operators will have different plans and the plans will be listed only based upon the time availability under most circumstances. Yet, you will find the Museum of the Jeweler to be finding a place there in the list for sure in most of the itinerary.

Called as the youngest city in this part of the world, most of the populace here are under the ages of twenty-five. Just like India and China, you can call the city of Birmingham to be a youth paradise of Europe.

Trading networks developed here over a period with the best canal network built here with a great vision by the ancient 18th century architects in Great Britain. 52 miles of waterways facilitate industrial trading to the best extent. It is a cosmopolitan city where you will find a mix of all races or ethnic groups to live here in the city. Cultural mix of the populace here is one strange aspect that you may hardly find anywhere else in the UK. More than two hundred conferences are being held here every year and about three hundred and twenty exhibitions are being conducted here every year too. More than 8000 acres are contributing to the development of parks and open space for aerobic life style of the residents. You can say Birmingham to be one of the greener pastures of the UK.

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